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Thursday, August 19, 2004
A Favourite Quote, in lieu of having anything of my own to say:

"In S/M, or in any form of sexuality, there are a lot of different potential spiritual experiences. There's the opportunity to worship, in the person of the beloved, a representation of the divine. One can see sexuality as a form of ministry which generates joy instead of adding to human misery. That joy is often a conduit into a transcendental state which can lead one to experience a sense of unity with the divine. S/M can be used to do shamanic work, to induce trances and do healing. Rituals can help people to leave behind unwanted parts of themselves and undergo transformation. Sex can be used as a magic act to request a blessing or bind yourself to another. I could go on about this for days.
"It's basically a matter of intent, I think. If you want sexuality, whether that's S/M or vanilla, to have a larger meaning than a hot fuck or a really good orgasm, then it acquires these other levels or layers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a sexual experience to be nothing more than physically pleasurable, of course. In fact, I sometimes get impatient with BDSM people who use the language of spirituality to justify getting tied up and beaten when the desire to do that is valid in and of itself, and doesn't require any sort of apology or dressing up. But who am I to differentiate between genuine spiritual striving and guilt? We're such complex creatures, the only person who can really make such judgments is the individual who is involved in the experience""

--Patrick Califia (who else, really?)
Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Fuck You Very Much, Howard

Michael Howard and Anne Widdecombe on the news. Attacking 'politcially correct policing'.

I can't move for politically correct police, can you? Damn them, getting underfoot with their surveys and multiculturalism....

Howard promises, if elected, to scrap proposed monitoring of racial harassment/S&S by the police. Measures recommended by the Macpherson report into the Stephen Lawrence disgrace.

According to Howard 'what we care about is law and order'. No matter if Blacks and Asians are unfairly stopped/jailed/prosecuted, eh? That's not a law an order issue, that's Political Correctness. It's only a few darkies...

Measures to further the fair and even-handed process of the criminal 'justice' system are apparently nothing to do with Law and Order, either.

The really scary thing, is as someone pointed out when I posted this on Barbelith earlier, you could have reasonably assumed that this was a Blunkett speech.

Added to watching Darcus Howe's compelling but depressing 'Don't Call Me Nigger', it's hard to not believe that race relations are fucked. That since 9/11, the progress made since the early 80s is being rolled back further and further each day.

William Hague was parrotting this noxious rubbish when the Macpherson report was published, five years ago. At that time Neville Lawrence correctly accused Hague of playing the race card, nice to the see the Tories evolving, innit?

And that Fly's right when he suggests that anyone who uses the phrase 'political correctness' in serious speech is probably a moron.
Sunday, August 08, 2004
Touched For The Very First Time

Sorry ladeez, it's all been hectic, mainly with Pride , some thoughts:

from an IM conversation, some explanation as to why this was my first 'proper' Pride:

Me:sooo am shattered by very bouncy. my first proper pride. sad but true Friend:wow...i thought you would be a veteran
Me: we-eell. I know. I'm rather embarrassed I've been to a couple, but only with say, one friend, often straight. For a long time I found making/meeting queer friends verry difficult. Actually, also, for a long time, just eating/sleeping/breating/carrying on living was difficult. I'd already been scared off by some biphobic bullshit when i was first out in london.... (NOTE: hadn't occurred to me to look for a Bi Community then. Idiot.) blahblahblah, basically.

This year=gang of mates marching as the bi group, (so doing the whole 'get together for breakfast/hang out thing..)then manning stall- which made it easy for mates to come say hello, hooking up with gay friends from town, elsewhwere, geeklife , people from ">BiCon and straight mates and and and.... Today=beaching it, various of the bi crew turning up for swimming, picnic and chat. going dancing in the afternoon, popping in on the girlpub then wending home...So now I'm tired but elated.


Then again, a soupcon of Gay Shame on the side?

Downsides: flyering and occasionally having l&g people thrusting them back at me and barking 'no way'. You can't catch bisexuality from flyers, fuckwits.

Announcer's spiel:"'brightonbothways' - haven't made up their minds yet". Can't find a font big enough for the Fuck Off I'm aiming his way.

Pride will be getting an angry letter from me. Coz, yeah, if yr not very committed/haven't made up your mind, it's normal to spend 4 hours carrying a heavy banner and tramping around. A friend in the crowd telling me she heard 'make up your mind' comments.

Mind you, this is all balanced out by several people who came to our stall and said how wonderful it was/grateful they were that we'd been such a big presence in the march and park. At which point, we got rather snuffly.


*sings, a la Neil Tennant* "aaaabsolutely faaaabulous"

For balance, there was soooo much good. Feeling part of a tribe, a family, feeling utterly joyous at being bi,queer,out and proud. Enjoying my home town being turned wonderfully topsy-turvy. To the point where popping home for some quiet time, it was really odd seeing m/f couples. Wicked. *Fantastic* costumes - design to die for - will post pix as and when I get 'em...

Talking to happy new people all day, being part of the first Bi presence at Brighton Pride in *years*, Hooking up with so many people, and thus realising that I've built myself, in the space of year, the firm foundations of a local queer(social) life from practically nothing.

Oh and being cruised by an extremely hottt leatherdyke couple... not being that into them, but having lovely convesartion about bi/bdsm/how fabulous I looked. *g*

All that, not remotely trashed, and hardly spending anything. Spent more on a pair of bargain cuffs than on the rest of the day....

Apols to anyone I've neglected, should be back in circulation a bit more. Until Bicon, and the brightonbothways 1st birthday and ..and. ...


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